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Glenn Balzer, Pastor
Glenn is the Pastor at First Mennonite Church of Denver.  His dream for FMC is that we become a place that figures out how to filter people in.  It is our differences that make life and church interesting, full and fun.  I married by college sweetheart in 1986.  Together we have raised two boys.  Their oldest lives in Chicago and their youngest has followed his journey in reverse and now lives in British Columbia, Canada.


Anita Miller, Faith Formation Administrator
Anita has been involved in First Mennonite’s faith formation programming since 2000.  Most recently she developed curriculum and materials for kids 5th grade and younger.  Her goals are to provide a variety of opportunities for youth to learn about the Bible, build relationships with each other, and practice serving the world.  Anita grew up in First Mennonite and is excited to make the church relevant for the next generation.  She and her husband have a teenage son and a teenage daughter.

Jordan Penner, JYF/MYF Community Builder
Jordan was born and raised in Reedley, California, attended Bethel College, and subsequently has lived in Guatemala, Kansas City, south Texas, and Bolivia.  Jordan has a masters degree in History and has worked with children and youth in Kansas City and Guatemala.  Jordan has worked internationally with MCC for four years and now works in Donor Relations for MCC in Denver.  Jordan loves playing basketball, soccer, volleyball and he enjoys the occasional jaunt into the mountains with his wife, Jenny Regier.


????????????????????????????????????Linda Welty, Office Administrator
Linda joined the FMC staff in December 2009. Linda enjoys the variety that comes with working in the FMC office and helping to coordinate all the details that come with each day.  She finds it fulfilling to support the many ministries and teams at FMC.  Linda has experience in a variety of non-profit office settings, including 10 years as manager of an independent living retirement community.  Linda and her husband have two sons, one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife, and one in Boise, Idaho, with his wife and two children.


Alyssa Bennett Smith and Joshua Smith, Caretakers

Joshua and Alyssa have been the FMC Caretakers since 2015.  They can be found around the building setting  up for events, keeping an eye on the grounds, shoveling snow and generally making sure everything is as it should be.  Alyssa also helps on the AV team for Sunday mornings and occasionally leads worship.  Joshua spends his days working toward a PhD in Religious Studies at DU, and is currently discerning ordination in the Episcopal church.  Alyssa works for MennoMedia/Herald Press as Digital Marketing Manager and (very) part-time as Church Administrator at House for All Sinners and Saints.  In their spare time both love cooking, camping, reading, coffee, and hanging out with their cats.





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