Small Groups

Tory small group 2Karen small groupFirst Mennonite Church has 35-40 small groups. At least once a year, we have sign-ups for small groups. If you are interested in joining a new small group, below is a link to the Small Group Sign Up Form. You will need to print out the form and turn it in to the church office.

Small Group SignUp Sheet

Some points to consider as you join and participate in your small group:

By being in relationship with others it helps us to grow in our awareness of God’s love for us; challenge and help us change the paradigms in which we get stuck; inspire the fruits of the Spirit in our lives; and motivate us to make a difference in our world.

Elements of a holistic small group:
Safe space ~ what are the issues and questions that are immediate personal concerns in the group? Has everyone had the chance to share each time you meet?
Focus ~ what guides your discussions? Do you share leadership, allowing each one in the group to bring a topic for discussion?
Hospitality and Relationship building ~ has your group considered getting to know another small group? Are you open to inviting newcomers to your group?
Service ~ how is your group serving both in and outside the group?
Is this a life-giving connection for you?

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