“Over the Line”

January 31, 2016
Luke 4:21-30 Kierkegaard noted that many great minds of his century had given themselves to making people’s lives easier— inventing laborsaving machines and devices. He said that he would dedicate…
Luke 4:14-21: Audacious! What else can be said. Did Jesus miss Isaiah's meaning in this prophecy? Jesus did deviate from Isaiah's words and then totally omitted the second part of…

“Fear and Faith”

January 3, 2016
The story of the three wise men following the star to Jesus' home is an integral part of Jesus' birth event. These travelers come from afar to pay homage to…

“The Song Inside Us All”

December 20, 2015
Worship this fourth Sunday in Advent will conclude our theme of freedom.  We'll reflect on Mary's Song from Luke 1. Are we ready for God's gift of hope in Jesus?