The Difference Faith Makes

August 11, 2019
It is 2019. Is faith even a thing anymore? If so, what does it mean to be a person of faith?


August 4, 2019
Luke 12:13-21 calls us to be a people of generosity, love, and selflessness.

Rules and Loopholes

July 14, 2019
A man walks up to Jesus and asks him what he must do to inherit eternal life. He wanted to know the rules. Instead of providing a list of regulations,…

A Father’s Day Story

June 16, 2019
In Genesis 22:1-14 we uncover a Father's Day story. In this text we will explore how certainty and guilt shape our faith.
Does God have an agenda? In the Pentecost story we catch a glimpse of God's dream for us and the world. Listen as we consider Acts 2:1-21 and examine what…