March 27, 2016

“Living into the Divine”

Passage: John 20:1-18

My own personal Jesus: Mary, poor, poor Mary! While Peter and the beloved disciple abandon her, she remains vigilant at the tomb of Jesus (see John 20:1-18). Her eyes clouded by tears, she has visions of angelic beings who ask her "Woman, why are you weeping? And then another man appears (a supposed gardener) and asks the same question and then, "Whom are you looking for? Finally as the resurrected Jesus calls her name, Mary recognizes the living Christ. Bless Mary. Her vigilance pays off! While her male companions went home for breakfast, she is the first human to experience Jesus' resurrection. Mary is the first apostle of Christ.

But then, perhaps from a kneeling position, Mary tries to hold her Lord and savior, but her actions result in Jesus' cryptic words, "Do not hold on to me" other biblical translations read, "Don't cling to me. I have not yet ascended to God." Jesus is a different being. Praise God!

I too follow Mary's interaction with Jesus. I hope that things don't change too much; let's just go back to the way things used to be and try harder. Sometimes I really desire my own personal Jesus, but Jesus says, "Don't cling to the former things. Instead go and tell the world that a new day has arrived, I am ascending to God." The Resurrection has begun.