January 31, 2016

“Over the Line”

Passage: Luke 4:21-30

Luke 4:21-30

Kierkegaard noted that many great minds of his century had given themselves to making people’s lives easier— inventing laborsaving machines and devices. He said that he would dedicate himself to making people’s lives more difficult. He would become a preacher.   William Willimon.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, you had 'em! The people heard and loved your warm words of grace, liberation, sight and forbearance, but where are you going with all that? To the Gentiles? But Why? No wait, think about what you're saying. These are the good, hardworking individuals who certainly deserve God's grace, so let's keep the blessings right there in your hometown! Stay here and shepherd your people; they are the ones who deserve it! They've heard of your miraculous healing in other communities, so please, stay here and bring God's grace to your own, your family of faith. WARNING: Don't push them too far or they may push back!