Worship Service- 9:30am

Education Hour- 10:45am

January 20

Worship: Pastor Glenn Balzer will preach from Luke 16:19-31, the Rich Man and Lazarus. We will celebrate Communion as part of Mennonite World Fellowship Sunday.

Adult Education: Our guest speaker will be David Livingston, Co-chair of Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU). The purpose of this organization of 40 diverse faith congregations is to help end the deaths and injuries in Colorado caused by the use of firearms. David will tell us about CFCU and explain how member congregations participate in its programs and activities.


January 27

Worship: Karin Kaufman Wall, Peace and Justice Education Coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee Central States, will share.

Adult Education: The Loss of Turtle Island is a participatory learning experience that depicts the historic relationship between European settlers – including Mennonites – and the Indigenous nations, the original inhabitants, of the land we now call the United States of America. Blankets represent the land and participants represent distinct Indigenous nations who experience colonization, genocide, broken treaties, forced removal, assimilation and termination — all in the spirit of the Doctrine of Discovery. Erica Littlewolf (Indigenous Visioning Circle Program Coordinator) and Karin Kaufman Wall (Peace and Justice Education Coordinator) of Mennonite Central Committee Central States will facilitate.


FMC Welcoming Statement

We are an open and affirming congregation which seeks to live the teachings of Jesus.

We believe every person is created uniquely in the image of God, and we — regardless of these unique differences — welcome all into our church family.

  • We welcome persons of every gender identity, sexual orientation, race, culture, age, physical or emotional ability, immigration status, economic situation, and family composition.
  • We welcome persons regardless of where they may be on their spiritual journey.
  • We invite all to participate in the full life and ministry of our church (i.e., baptism, communion, marriage, leadership).

We believe that historical oppression continues, and we commit to continued discussion on how to recognize and stop our own oppressive acts.

Our desire is to embrace all in the name of Christ.

We believe there are hidden seeds of greater wholeness in everyone and everything.”
Rachel Naomi Remen